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Our History

Moving Machinery Since 1964

VIG has been moving machinery since 1964. Therefore, we really are experts when it comes to moving machinery, machinery installations and industrial relocation. We have completed more than 165 projects a year and moved over 3,500 TONS of machinery EVERY YEAR. We cover the whole of the UK and Europe from our two sites in Gateshead and Hinkley, with several labour hubs close to client projects.

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Our Heritage

In 1964, the business was founded by Pat McCullen as ‘Vanguard’. This was the company’s original name when it first started before we evolved into what we are today. In 1975, the business was launched internationally and made way for growth out of the UK. The company then decided to merge with Pickford in 1989 to become Pickford Vanguard. 2001, a management buy-out formed the company as Vanguard in 2001, which remained in place until 2019, when Oxygen Partners acquired the business. In 2021, another management buy-out took place and became the management-owned and run company VIG which it is today.

Since starting in 1975, the company has grown in many different ways to become what we are today. Our management team has evolved and grown with the company and has vast industry knowledge and experience, making us an exceptional company in our field.


Business started by Pat McCullen as Vanguard.


Business goes international.


Vanguard and Pickford merge.


MBO formed Vanguard in 2001.


Business acquired by Oxygen Partners.


MBO – became a management-owned and run company.

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Quality Service

VIG has established a prestigious reputation as a top multi-disciplined industrial relocation company over the course of more than 58 years. We provide UK and international industrial services to our clients for industrial relocation and machinery movement and storage.

With our history and experience, we are confident we are the right choice for your machinery move or industrial relocation project.

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