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UK Relocation

UK Relocation

The project was the consolidation and movement of all machinery equipment and operations over 300 miles north to their factory in Newcastle.

Under our full CDM Principal Contractor role, we supplied suitable skilled labour, management supervision, handling tools, systems and lifting plant to load and transfer all machine tools. Works included:
Production of pre and post test pieces with full Geometric reports on all CNC’s.

PUWER reports produced for each machine decommissioned and re- commissioned.

Completion of required new foundation pits / bases for 6 x machines and new flooring / ramps across north works.

We managed the sale of unwanted machinery via auction and managed scrap accounts on behalf of the client.

PC role under CDM Regulations
Full-time Project
Management team
Turnkey provision
In-house Appointed Persons (AP)
In-house supply of supervisors and M&E skilled personnel
14 operatives on site
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0800 022 3354
Blenheim Pl, Halifax Rd, Dunston, Gateshead NE11 9HF