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Project Automotive Relocation


Under our Principal Contractor role and identified RAMS, we supply suitable skilled labour and handling systems to fully match mark, disconnect and uplift all machinery and associated equipment for the Furnace Line, with Tube Mill and Core Build 3 to follow. 
Equipment relocation from the plant in South Wales to Romania, following disconnection of all necessary cabling and electrical equipment to facilitate the mechanical disassembly and secure for transportation purposes. 

On dismantling we produced an “as installed” cable schedule and disconnection sheets to enable the correct reinstatement at the new location.  
On arrival to Romania we provide services inclusive of offload, position, align, level and re-connect to services provided.

£400k value of project
8 operatives on site
2020 - ongoing
European Relocation
Principal contractor
Full Turnkey provision
Project Management & RAMS
In-house supply of supervisors and M&E skilled personnel
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0800 022 3354
Blenheim Pl, Halifax Rd, Dunston, Gateshead NE11 9HF